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A Division of Cultivate Ventures

Partnerships & Strategic Advisors




Strategic Innovation Group (SIG) acts as a trusted advisor to CVCOF-GP, offering expertise in real estate development, construction management, investment analysis, Opportunity Zone legal and accounting structure, legal, finance, accounting, and tax. Their all-encompassing support guarantees a strategic and informed approach to maximize returns.

Established in 2019, Cultivate Ventures established Cultivate Development Service Group (CDSG) to manage all in-house development services, including project development and design, entitlement and community engagement, construction and subcontractor management, and asset sales and long-term management. The Group oversees all development projects where CVCOF-GP is taking the lead investment.

CVCOF General Partnership

Cultivate Ventures, the owner and manager of CVCOF-GP, brings vast expertise in high-yield real estate investment. Established in 2011, our partners and network provide unparalleled domain knowledge and in-house experience in real estate, legal, accounting, and tax making us a reliable partner for navigating real estate markets, maximizing investment opportunities, and leveraging complex tax-advantaged structures.

Founded in 2018, the CVCOF General Partnership (CVCOF-GP) is a seasoned entity with a team of expert advisors and partners. We have a robust track record in real estate and a vast professional network nationwide, enabling us to source deals, secure co-investments, provide advisory services, and monitor investments effectively.

Our dedicated in-house legal, finance, and accounting teams ensure full compliance with Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOF) requirements. CVCOF-GP will manage CVCOF-IV, ensuring proficient fund management to maximize investor returns.


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